Is This You?

Are you a woman in midlife who struggles with what to wear daily? 

Do you feel overwhelmed when you go shopping because you don’t want to buy clothes that make you look like your 20-something daughter or your 80-plus mother? 

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and felt old, frumpy with what you’re wearing? 

Do you look in your wardrobe daily and find it hard to decide what to wear?

Is your closet packed full of clothing, some with the tags still on, but you always reach for the same items each time?

Do you always feel like the odd person out at social events because what you wear looks outdated?

Do you love to go shopping but end up buying nothing because you're overwhelmed by the choice?

When you try on clothing, do you find it hard to get things that fit you properly?

Would you like to wear more colourful clothing, but are not sure what suits you?

Do you spend a lot on clothing, but none of it ever mixes and matches? 

Then the "Be Your Own Stylist" course is just for you!

This course will save you time and money finding clothes you love to wear!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join The Course .

  • Learn how to dress for your body shape and discover your style personality. Most women don't know their body shape or that they have a style personality. This course will show you how to do both.

  • Identify your best colours. Colour is everywhere in our world and finding the right colours to suit you is a game changer!

  • Learn how to edit your wardrobe and become a savvy shopper! You will save time and money creating a wardrobe of clothes that you love to wear each day!

I know what you are going through!

Dressing in midlife can be a challenge. 

There are so many styles now that only cater to 20-something-year-olds. So it can be hard to know what suits you.

And with so much clothing to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to buy.

Shopping online? Well, that's a joke. The style and sizing are never correct and trying to send the clothing back is just another problem to deal with.

Do these issues sound familiar to you? 

I know what you are going through! I've struggled with the same things.

But let me take you back to how I came to overcome these obstacles and created "The Be Your Own Stylist" course.

Back in 2018, I’d seen a photo of myself (see below) looking very frumpy and not really caring how I looked. 

 It was quite a shock for me to see as I had always liked fashion and taken pride in how I dressed.

But then I had kids and clothing became the least thing to focus on. It was more about looking after the children and making sure their needs were met first. 

As the children got older, I had more time to focus on what I was wearing. 

But the challenge then was trying to find clothing that didn't make me look like my 20-something daughter or my 80-year-old mother!

So in an effort to look after myself and my appearance, I had the crazy idea to start an Instagram account. 

Each day I would post the outfit I was wearing and all these wonderful women in midlife would send lovely comments about my clothing. 

It was such a surprise and also wonderful to connect the women from all over the world and share our love of fashion and style.

As my account grew, I began to work with clothing brands and became an accidental micro-fashion influencer. 😆

But one thing I found missing in all of it, was that the outfits I was showing did not always suit another woman’s body shape or style. 

So I decided to train as a Personal Stylist to help women discover their own unique body shapes and style! 

My idea for the "Be Your Own Stylist" course came from this desire. 

And now I want this course to help You regain your sense of self and style. 

I want you to feel great in the clothes that you wear!!

What's Included

  • Module 1 - Your Style Personality

    In this Module we will explore different style personalities and help you identify your unique style.

  • Module 2 - Dress For Your Body Shape

    In this module, we will explain the different female body shapes and how to identify your gorgeous body shape.

  • Module 3 - Colour

    In this Module, we will at look colour and how to identify the best colours to suit your skin tone. We will also look at complimentary colours and colour psychology.

  • Module 4 - Wardrobe Edit

    In this module we will provide simple, practical steps for clearing out your wardrobe with ease.

  • Module 5 - Shopping

    In this module, we will provide you with some ideas on how to make shopping easier when searching for clothing for yourself.

  • Bonus!! Weekly Q&A Calls

    There will be Live weekly Q&A Zoom calls with me - for any questions you may have about the course or the tasks.


  • How much time will I need to do the course?

    The course is self-paced, so you can take your time to go through the modules. Most modules are one or more videos, so it's easy to watch or listen to them.

  • How much support will I get?

    There are weekly live Q&A Zoom calls with me, to answer any questions you may have. You can also email me: if you can't make it to a Q&A call.

  • What if I can't attend the Live Q&A?

    Q&A calls are recorded every week so you can watch the replays. It's great to watch these as the questions and answers are often useful.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for women 50 plus who need help and guidance regaining their sense of style. Most women our age were never shown what outfits suit their body shape, colouring or style personality or how to edit their wardrobe and be a savvy shopper.

  • Who is the course not for?

    This course is not for you if you already know your own style and are quite happy with the clothes that you wear.


Dimitie Kendall

I am a Life Coach and Personal Stylist who helps women in midlife go from feeling frumpy and unnoticed to regaining their sense of self and style! You know, that person you were before you had a partner, kids, or a full-on career? I help you rediscover that person again! It is possible! I have done it and so can you! I have a wonderful community women I connect with on my Instagram account @dimitiek. So follow me to connect with all those gorgeous women.  A little bit about me, I am a married mum of two adult children. I live on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia but have also lived in London, Melbourne, and Singapore. I have a ton of qualifications (I love to learn) a Degree in Communications, a Diploma in Training and Development, and Certificates in Coaching, Personal Styling, and Colour Analysis. I am also trained in Reiki 1&2, Intuitive work, and other healing modalities. For relaxation, I love to walk in nature, meditate, and go out for a nice meal with family and friends. My passions are helping others to feel good and fashion!

21 day money back guarantee

I sincerely believe that the Be Your Own Stylist course can help you. It will work for you, if you follow my step-by-step process.

I want to give you peace-of-mind with your purchase but I also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the information in the course.

So if after 21 days of doing the homework, you don't see any results... I'll give you your money back. 

Please submit proof you have completed the work and email it to us within 21 days.